Rector Inauguration of UNAKI University

Pelantikan Rektor UNAKI 2014

AKI University on December 19, 2014, formally induct Dr. Tri Purwani, S.E, M.M. as the new rector. Inaugural performed in conjunction with the handover from the old rector Handoko Soerjanto, S.E, M.B.A, M.Kom. Rector inauguration held by the Decree of the Chairman of the Foundation of the University of AKI No. 010 / SK / KEP.YUA / XII / 2014 on the Appointment of the Rector of the University of AKI.

In the inauguration, the Chairman of the Foundation of the University of AKI, Peggy Muljono, S.E. advised that the cooperation and communication between parts of increasingly improved for the betterment of the University of AKI because this institution has the potential to be developed. He also appreciates the achievements of the previous rector’s leadership and expressed appreciation for the dedication Handoko Soerjanto, SE, MBA, M.Kom already carry out duties as rector during this

Dr. Tri Purwani, SE, MM, in his speech said that, a paradigm shift to the education community, causing the entire higher education institutions continue to compete to solidify its presence as a quality college. Therefore, as a college that is in the midst of these conditions, the University of AKI are also required to work harder in order to survive and even continue to develop in accordance with the expectations of society. In addition, Dr. Tri Purwani, S.E., M.M deliver several things into a common commitment, namely:

First, to answer the needs of the community of academic excellence and professional graduates, university AKI need to bring new courses.

Second, in education, University of AKI remain focused on four pillars: excellent service, and business technology-based learning, college Tridharma development and partnership development.

Third, a commitment to pursue quality AKI University graduates who are not only smart in the intellectual field, but also has a high moral character and integrity. Should be pursued academic excellence is reflected in student achievement, the quality of soft skills and personal integrity and moral quality. These efforts must be supported by the quality of human resources in the educators involved in the educational process.

Fourth, seek partnerships in realizing the vision and mission of the University of AKI. In the process of educating the nation’s hopes and aspirations to produce quality graduates can only be realized through partnerships, both with internal and external partners.

For it is necessary to create campus culture that is respectful, orderly, clean, comfortable, and well mannered so as to create academic atmosphere conducive to the development of innovation and creativity academicians.

At the end of his speech, the Rector expects the entire academic community, faculty, staff, students, the Foundation’s University AKI AKI University is committed to realize the vision to become the University of superior national competitiveness in the field of science with the advanced technology and business on the basis of faith in God.

Photo Caption from left to right:

1.Peggy Muljono, SE: University Foundation Chairman AKI

2.Dr. Tri Purwani, SE, MM: New Rector

3.Handoko Soerjanto, SE, MBA, M.Kom: Previous Rector

4.Suwarno, S.Si, M.Kom: Deputy Rector 3

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