Dr, Tri Purwani, SE, MM (Rektor)Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Best wishes to all of us.

Praise and gratitude we pray toward the presence of Almighty God, over abundance of grace and His guidance to us all, so that the University can continue to bear AKI alumni insightful and character.

In accordance AKI University’s vision to become the University of the superior national competitiveness in science and technology with mengedankan business on the basis of faith in God Almighty, until now alumni of the University of AKI has worked in various fields and terebar in regions in Indonesia. For that I as Rector gave a high appreciation for alumni of the University of AKI while maintaining family ties with the alma mater. We will continue to open itself to the various inputs and contributions from alumni to the development of academic and student activities.

Alumni College is part of a group of intellectuals are likely to become agents of charge from various repair the nation’s life. Similarly, AKI University alumni who have shown their work as entrepreneurs, professionals, bureaucrats, social workers and others. We are proud that many alumni who have a proud achievement in their field and perform a variety of activities that have broad impact for the life msyarakat.

We realize that the familial relationship between the university and alumni need to be maintained and improved, so that the presence of alumni website is critical to bridging the communication and information flow between alumni melacarkan, between the university and alumni, as well as between the alumni and the community.

It is encouraging that now the alumni already have the means of communication provided by the University of AKI our alma mater, ie this website. The website is expected to be a medium of communication between alumni; between alumni with the university and alumni with third parties such as companies and society at large. With mutual communication, quality relationships and mutual benefit between alumni, universities and society in general can be established.

The next step is our duty to inform the alumni of other colleagues who do not know the means of communication so that they can follow the activities on the campus in general, and the activities and plans tabled by the Alumni Association board.

In the long term, we believe that the existence of the Alumni Website Unaki kekuluargaan will further strengthen the ties that already exist, and increase love for our alma mater, the University of AKI.

Finally, we thank you very much for their alumni website in the hope this means of communication can be best utilized by fellow alumni wherever they may be, the University and the community at large. May God continue to bless all our efforts in developing AKI University and further improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

Wassalamulaikum Wr. wb
God bless

Semarang, February 12, 2016
Dr, Tri Purwani, S.E., M.M

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